I am András Hang, a Hungarian licenced clinical psychologist, psychoterapist in Budapest. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy to serve your aims to change at any of these areas: health, family, work or business. I can support you by counseling, coaching, training or psychotherapy.

You can find help in my counseling practice for the following problems:

  • Far from your home and friends?
  • Missing somebody or something?
  • Too much work, stress, pressure?
  • Hit by a crisis, a life changing event, a personal loss?
  • Or You lost in your life?
  • Fed up with a nasty unchangeable situation, resultless efforts?
  • Somatic symptoms (headache, pain, torpidity, or other irksome sensations) but the doctors can’t find anything?
  • Mood swings?
  • Anxiety?

If you have one of the above condition, symptoms, problems, call me for professional counseling, and hypnotherapy now!

Mobil: +36(20)457-0841

Let me introduce myself. I am continuously looking forward to any progresses of my profession at both practical skills and academic knowledges. That is why I am called a ‘wide range’ psychologist. Besides my private work in Budapest, I have been keeping on clinical studies, making some scientific researches.rendelo_250As I am interested in the healthy and problematic personality functioning, you can seek out me with very different questions touching your personal well-being at any kind of life situations. I will help you if it is within my competitions or I will redirect you to the most suitable specialist. Nowadays my main area has been the psychology of health and relationships.

My philosophy is that there is no hopeless case, if you are able to communicate you are able to make some progress and handle your life situations.

I can speak English almost fluently so the communication will be all right among us. I have worked a lot at international environment in Milan and Vienna then I am proud to offer my intercultural coaching services to you.

Consultation fee: 22 000 HUF/ Session

Please contact me by writing an email or phone me at first. Counseling through PHONE or SKYPE is available.

Mobil: +36(20)457-0841
Address: 1133 Budapest, Kárpát u. 26.

Clienst often call me with these topics:

· depression
· anxiety
· panic disorder
· phobias
· sexual problems
· crisises
· couple counselling
· family matters
· role conflicts
· stress management
· failure-success work
· workplace conflicts
· workaholism
· goals-expectations harmonising
· career coaching
· personality examinations